Here are some common questions about Chiropractic and the Clinic.

New Patients

What happens on my first visit?

We’ll ask you to come along ten minutes before your appointment, so you can complete a new patient form. Your initial consultation will include a review of your symptoms, medical history, physical examination and tests to assess your condition. Most patients are treated during their first consultation. We offer a gown for all female patients.

Chiropractic General

Who can have a chiropractic treatment?

Almost everyone, there are no age limits. In our initial consultation we’ll talk through your medical history and let you know if we think chiropractic is right for you.

Can children benefit from chiropractic?

Yes, chiropractic is very beneficial for children.

One in ten children suffer from a back problem before they’re ten, this can be due to poorly set up work and play stations, sport, and lifestyle.

What’s an adjustment?

Chiropractic treats joints that are misaligned, and muscles that are stressed, both of which will be interfering with the body’s nerve function.

An adjustment to a joint or muscle creates a reaction in your nervous system so your body can get back to normal. The speed of that change is affected by age, injury duration, and general health.

What’s an activator?

The activator is a hand-held implement the size of a bottle opener. It releases a mechanical force that replicates a traditional chiropractic adjustment (that’s the click you sometimes hear). The activator has four settings, so the chiropractor can apply just enough force to those delicate structures, like the neck. As it’s a measured force, it offers consistency in treatment, and is not dependent on a patient relaxing, or the practitioner judging the appropriate force necessary.

Over 30,000 chiropractors, worldwide, use activators.

Does chiropractic hurt?

No. The method used at the clinic, with light touch and an activator, is gentle and non-invasive. Patients can sometimes experience a little tenderness and feel tired after the initial treatment, but these symptoms shouldn’t last.


How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments you’ll need will depend on how well your body responds to an adjustment. This generally depends on:

  • How long you’ve had the symptoms
  • Your age
  • Your general health
  • Any underlying health issues


Your Doctor

Do I need to talk to my GP before seeing a chiropractor?

You only need to consult your GP if you have private health cover that will cover the treatment, and need a referral.

At a patient’s request, we can submit a report to a GP detailing their condition and reaction to treatment.

Can GPs refer patients to chiropractic?

We work closely with GP surgeries in west Cornwall, and many doctors recommend us to their patients and get treated themselves.