Neck Pain

Treating Neck Pain

The bones, ligaments and muscles in your neck support your head and allow for motion. Like the Lower back, the neck is particularly prone to pain and discomfort, caused in particular by poor posture, ergonomics, sleeping posture and injury.

Nonspecific Mechanical Problems

Minor sprain and strain to the ligaments and muscles of the neck are common. Sometimes this can be a sudden onset like torticollis (wry neck) but generally they are caused by our work environment, bad sleeping posture and old injuries.

Wear and Tear

Forms of degeneration in the bones and discs is a common cause of recurring neck pain most typical in the elderly. More advanced forms are diagnosed as cervical spondylosis and can lead to a loss of movement in the neck and periods of pain.


In cases where the nerve root in the neck is pressed or damaged in the cervical spine, symptoms may include pins and needles (paresthesia) and weakness in the arms and hands. Early intervention in these cases is advised, sometimes helped by scans and xrays to identify the exact causes


Neck injuries should always be taken seriously, in particular if symptoms include headache, dizziness, concussion and physical impairment

Whiplash following a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) is the most common form of injury and responds well to treatment if treated soon after the accident. Delay can cause the condition to become more complex and difficult to treat.

Treating Neck Pain

Treatments at Cornwall Chiropractic Clinic include a number of protocols such as activator methods (gentle Manipulation), acupuncture, trigger point therapy and deep massage.