What the study involved

A new study from Oxford scientists suggests that combining omega 3 fish oils and with B vitamins might slow the progression of brain shrinkage in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

As part of this new study, researchers divided 168 people over the age of 70 years with mild cognitive impairment into two groups, one of which took high-dose B vitamins (folic acid 0.8mg, vitamin B6 20mg, vitamin B12, 0.5mg) while the other took inactive placebo for two years.

What has research shown?

In those taking the B vitamins, the rate of brain atrophy slowed by 40 per cent compared with those on placebo but only if they had high blood levels of omega 3 fatty acids.


This is the first evidence to suggest that Alzheimer’s-related brain shrinkage might be slowed through dietary intervention, and has been hailed by experts as a major breakthrough in dementia prevention.

Source – Lifespan 2015